Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eleven.Twenty Two

Phase 2 is well under way and I love it
The assignments are way better and I'm learning so much more than Phase 1

Don't feel like writing a whole lot
I'll let the photos due the talking

Glassware assignment:

Bokeh abstract

Still life shot (yes I glued every bean onto the mug by hand; took 4 hours):

Random shot of Tyler:

And a 100% crop of the catchlights from the shot above

Peace all!


Trevor M. Lee said...

dude, your coffee shot is sweet!

Anonymous said...

I think you should upgrade from that crummy D3 to a RED ONE. you could probably toss the Mamiya and get a H3DII-50 too.

novolaras said...

Hey! I'm so glad to see you with a blog! You probably don't remember me because I hardly got to speak to you in Julianna's Photo I class -- but I've been keeping up with your flickr account and your photos too (obviously) so its nice to see what you are doing at your new school! And yeah, I love that coffee shot as well!!

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