Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Hey all!

Haven't wrote in some time now

School was crazy for the past few weeks putting the finishing touches on some final images for the Phase 1 review
Last week was I pulled 7am-1am Monday-Thursday getting some last minute shots, toning and printing done
It was crazy stressful, but it was also the most fun I've had in a while
It's times like those when I realize how much I love shooting and how much I wouldn't be happy doing anything else with my life

I had a lot more freedom with the images too
There were a few constraining images I had to produce, but for the main part it was pretty open
Here are some of my favorites from the final

Consumer Product on location:

Warm on cool portrait:

Warm on warm portrait:

Outdoor portrait:

Self portrait (posted earlier as well):

We're also starting to learn some gnar stuff in the commercial studio
I'm really enjoying working in there; more so than I thought I would
We just got done shooting silverware, which is surprisingly hard to light
Here's what I came up with
Much room for improvement, but not terrible

We also had to do a product shot using props
Something that would appear in a generic catalog
Here's what I got (peep my awesome scanner, haha!)

This week is shooting glassware, which I am pumped for
Keep an eye out for those

Last weekend my girlfriend came up to visit
We went to Northampton; she loved it
I got some abstracts from there
I'll leave you with those

And one out take from the warm on cool portrait

And one more from my new camera: Nikon D3 :)

Peace all!


Rob said...

commercial studio is fun! spend your time at school! get creative son!

do you guys have the digital backs on the 4x5's yet?

Chris Pino said...

Not yet

We have one last shot (glassware) using film, then we go digital

Can't wait

Anonymous said...

i'd love to know your financiers...good lord the toys!

nice photos

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