Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The secret to any success, is that success is in the process

So I have a few new and exciting this to tell you about

First we will start with the acquisition of the Leaf Aptus 22 digital back
We finally got them last Friday
They are a totally different beast than a DSLR and I'm still undecided if I love it or hate it
Here's my opinion so far

- Outstanding image quality
- Fairly easy to use
- Insane image quality

- Very slow in every way (I realize it's not meant for speed, but its extraordinarily slow)
- Anything above ISO200 looks like ISO1600 on my 5D
- Lack of fast lenses (if you know me, you'll just know)

I understand that it is not meant to be anything like a DSLR; I think I just need to spend more time with it and get used to it
Once I start working in the studio with some nice lights I'm sure I'll love it
More on that in a later blog

Next, I am thinking about selling my beloved 200/1.8 and just going with a 70-200 f/2.8L IS and save the rest to buy some nice Profoto's toward the end of the year
Here's the for sale ad: 200 f/1.8L FOR SALE
I'm not going to let it go for cheap either because I don't need to get rid of it
So if you know of anyone that might be interested or if you yourself are interested, shoot me an e-mail

Lastly, a few friends and I went to go see The Rocket Summer last night
Thanks to Josh we ended up getting photo passes
Such a fun show
One of the better shows I've been to in a while


For more photos click here

Peace all!


Carms said...
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Carms said...

Hi Chris! I came across your blog after checking out your flickr site... I am totally loving your work. :) I just wanted to say thanks for being the only (at least that I have found) blogger to write about actual school life at Hallmark. I am currently a student of Photography here in Mexico, but I found Hallmark a few days ago and since then have not stopped thinking about it. I must admit the website totally buys you, but I was expecting to hear some honest unbiased info from someone outside their site. I am seriously considering Hallmark for next year, since I'm kinda disappointed with my current school (plus after seeing yours it is pretty depressing... ) and the program is pretty slow (2+ yrs). I'm 6 months tru, and I'm pretty sure I'd cover what I've seen in that time maybe in 2 weeks at Hallmark. Anyway, I'd love to keep hearing from you... please keep posting about your life at Hallmark as well as Turner's. And keep shooting more cool pics. :)

Chris Pino said...

Hey man
Thanks for the kinds words
Really appreciate them

Definitely keep reading up though. I'll probably update at least once a week with my thoughts and such

Thanks again

Carms said...

No problem! I'll definitely keep reading. :) BTW, I'm a girl.

Michal Letko said...

Hi there,

just want to thank you for your bloging about HIP, I am also considering to get there next year, (I am from Slovakia, central Europe)and it's really helpful to read about the life there from a student.
Keep posting :).

Take care

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