Friday, October 24, 2008

Phase 1: T-minus 2 weeks

Edit: Updated from computer

Well, I'm going to try and post this from my phone on the back from PhotoPlus in NYC.
The expo was real good like always.
Didn't get a chance to talk to some of the people I was really looking forward to talking to. Kinda bummed about that but no worries.

Have some crazy news as far as gear goes for me. You'll see soon enough.

School is really starting to pick up.
Finally starting to learn some interesting stuff which I'm stoked about.
I am currently working on the phase 1 final. One of the photos was a self portrait.
Here's what I came up with.
It cropped when I embedded it for some reason
Click if for the full version

Ill refine this post once I get to a computer

Peace all!

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