Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What lies beneath

Let me first start off by saying that I do not believe in first impressions for many reasons, which I am not going to get into now
The first few weeks of school have reaffirmed my belief in that
One should never judge another, yet I did the first week or so of school and am just now starting to see people open up and their real personalities are now starting to shine through and I regret it
There are a lot more down to earth people at school than I had originally thought, but I guess it's like that anywhere you go where no one knows anyone else. The majority put up a facade that is really nothing like who they really are
Time will show what, or rather who, lies beneath

Now that, that is out of the way...

School is slowly starting to get better day by day
The assignments are getting better, people are opening up, teachers are loosening up
Things are falling into place

I have yet to get any of my film scanned from the assignments, but will post up when I do

We get our digital backs on Friday, which is immensely exciting...at least to me
I cannot wait to start using that

In other news, if you haven't heard the long awaited Canon 5D Mark II finally dropped on the 17th and I promptly put in my pre-order that night :)
Here's the link to Canon's site: Canon 5D Mark II
Among a slew of new features added to the camera is the highly controversially 1080p HD video feature
I'll admit it, at first I was a little bit confused on why such a feature would be put into an SLR...then I saw this video by one of my favorite photographers of all time, Vincent Laforet
The video is straight out of the camera, just resized for the web
It is truly awe inspiring
This camera is going to dominate in low light
I cannot wait for them to start shipping around late November

I'll leave you with a few images, all of which are for fun

Peace all!

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