Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, I've decided to start a blog
Never thought I would, but here I am
Lets see if I can keep it somewhat up to date; doubt it, but you never know

I guess I'll start off with what's going on right now.....packing
If you haven't already heard, I'm moving up to Turners Falls, MA to attend Hallmark Institute of Photography. I move in on Tuesday the 26th. So that's what, six days from now? Whoa, closer than I thought. My garage is pretty much full of all my stuff for the house. It's unfurnished so I have to bring up a ton of furniture.

Anyway, today I picked up my new car
02 Exploder
It's pretty nice
Low miles
Super clean
Great price
Can't beat it

Also, my 200/1.8 showed up today
I think I'm actually more excited about the lens that I am the car

Lens looks just about brand new
Got a pretty good deal on it too

I'm in the middle of packing everything I own into boxes, getting ready to move in a few days so I won't have a lot of time to go out and shoot
I'm hoping I can get out tomorrow, well see

Here's a pic off my cell

That about does it for now

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robdowsley said...

good luck with the move man!

hit me up if you need anything! you can call/text me 248.506.4007. or just shoot me an email.

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